Should I repair or replace my roof?


What to consider when deciding the next steps in your roof’s care.

Roof repair or replace, that is the question. Getting a new roof is a large expense that most people want to avoid. So when you’re noticing leaks, curling, or missing tiles, you’re probably wondering if a few roof repairs will get the job done right or if you need to invest in its replacement. Determining if you should repair or replace a roof isn’t always black and white, there are several things to take into account to understand which option is best for your home’s safety and integrity.

Here are those factors:

Your roof’s age

How long your roof has been around is a big indicator of whether you should repair it or replace it. New and younger roofs can usually take on roof patching and repairs. However, if your roof is old and is experiencing frequent leaks or other issues, it might be time for a roof replacement.

What is considered an “old” roof? Much of your roof’s life expectancy relies on the material it is made up of. Asphalt shingles, for example, are very affordable, easy to fix, and lightweight with a lifespan of only 15 years. On the other hand, concrete or clay tiles are much sturdier, harder, durable, and thus resistant to weathering and hazards. Their strength doubles clay and concrete tile roofs’ lifespans to 30 years. Metal roofs, although lightweight, age extremely well and have a life expectancy for 40-60 years! The closer your roof reaches the end of its lifespan the more likely you are to need replacement.

If you aren’t sure how old your roof is, call a Dallas roofer like Purdy Holmes Construction to determine its approximate age. Regardless, if your roof is in very bad condition, your roof’s age might not matter. Have a professional check your roof ASAP if you suspect disrepair. We offer free roof inspections in Dallas and North Texas and can have an answer for you quickly.

Signs of damage

Roof damage is not always easy to recognize, so be sure to always be on the lookout and consult a professional roofer when you’re unsure. It is smart to get a roof inspection after a major storm, or periodically as your roof reaches its life expectancy. Remember: Roof damage is not always on the surface but can happen on the inside too. For that reason, be sure to inspect the interior and exterior as well. For your safety, we highly recommend hiring a competent roofing company.

Missing shingles or a minor leak can be fixed with an easy repair. However, widespread and major issues may only be completely restored by a home roof replacement.

Tell-tale signs it’s time to replace your roof:

  • Sunlight coming in through your roof
  • Algae/moss growth
  • Moisture and/or mold in the attic
  • Curling or buckling shingles
  • Defective shingle tabs
  • Shingle granules in eavestroughs
  • Obvious sagging

Future plans

A bad roof can send potential buyers far, far away. If you’re looking to sell your property soon, you may have a difficult time selling your home even at a price that allows room for roofing repairs. This is because most people don’t want to endure the work of getting a home roof replacement on top of the stress of uprooting, packing, and moving. Buyers will avoid properties where the roof looks in disrepair or when their inspector tells them the roof is no good. It can be a sign to them that you have issues in other areas of your home as well.

But there’s good news. Investing in your home’s new roof can sell your property at a better price and more quickly than if it had an old roof. Making an investment in your roof can actually help your property sell faster and get a higher value for it. With “new roof” displayed in your home’s real estate listing description, you’ll have buyers at ease and eager to see your home. This also tells them that your property has been properly cared for and that they may not have to be wary of hidden issues.

If you’re looking to sell soon, you may want to consider a roof replacement to reap the benefits of a more valuable property to list.

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