The Process

The Process

The Process

Roof installment is a very large project and without a doubt, your home will become a construction zone – even if only for a few hours. Our team prides itself in fast, quality workmanship, but we understand the inconvenience of having your entire home overrun by our crew. That’s why we have created a list of useful tips to help you prepare to undergo this project, both mentally and physically.

01 Before Roofing Construction

  • Please keep your driveway clear for the duration of the project. We will need access to deliver the materials prior to starting the job.
  • Do not run the sprinkler system the night before or during construction.
  • Move any potter plants or outdoor furniture prior to our arrival.
  • Cover your pool, hot tub, or pond.
  • Remove any valuable objects from the walls and shelves of your home. There is a possibility they could fall due to the vibrations from hammering on the roof.
  • Please keep children away from the construction zone and place all pets indoors. There is a possibility of falling debris, which can result in injury.

02 During Construction

  • Please unlock any gates around the house during construction and for debris removal.
  • Disarm your alarm, as vibrations from hammering may activate it.
  • Be prepared for noise. Unfortunately, there will be constant hammering for the duration of the project.
  • The roofing crew will need access to water and a source of electricity. If you do not have exterior plugs on your home, then please have an extension cord through a door or window.
  • Please walk carefully and do not drive on the driveway, as falling debris and nails are common. Exercise caution when entering or leaving your home.

03 After Construction

  • Watch for overlooked nails. Please note: A yard with taller grass or fallen leaves does not clean up as quickly or as easily as a clean, freshly-cut lawn.
  • Double-check that all gates are closed before letting pets outside.


We will go the extra mile.

Purdy Holmes Construction is built on the foundational principles of ethical business and exceptional craftsmanship. Our fully-trained staff focuses to preserve the integrity of your home and keep your family safe from severe storms and natural disasters. Whether you need a one-time quick repair, or you become our customer for life, we promise to assist and educate you on our industry’s best practices and how to maintain your home’s structure for years to come.