Integrity & quality.

Purdy Holmes Construction is a Dallas roofing & construction company focused on preserving the integrity of your home with exceptional quality control and customer service. Our team of professionals knows how to replace and repair even the most unique structures of Dallas’s residential housing.

Our Specialty

We focus on completely restoring your home after a storm.

Roof Repairs & Replacement
Interior Water Damage

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No hassle.

We understand that maintaining a home is hard enough without the added stress of costly damage to its exterior, which is why we educate our customers on how to approach repairing or replacing their roof, and assist them with their insurance claims from start to finish. This way your home is ready and able to withstand even the most severe elements and keep your family safe.

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Reputation is everything.

Purdy Holmes Construction has earned a reputation for hard work, affordable prices, and ethical business practices since our founder began his career in roofing and construction 18 years ago. With a fully-equipped staff and sales team, the core values of our company are integrated into every member of our team so we never lose sight of the customer.



What people are saying about us.

I was amazed by Paul’s professionalism and work ethic. He makes you feel like you are his first priority. The entire Purdy Holmes team treats their customers with the utmost respect.


Purdy Holmes Construction is not like most roofing companies who are hard to trust and vague with information. From the first time I met them I knew I was working with a team of passionate professionals who love what they do. It’s no wonder they’ve been around for 12+ years.


Solid company. I highly recommend. It’s been such a pleasure to work with Purdy Holmes Construction. Bar none the best roofing company in Dallas!